Who we are

The history of Rethink Beds goes back to the 90s, when the company was called Toom Tekstiil. With nearly 30 years of experience, we develop and manufacture beds and bedroom furniture. Every year we bring premium sleep to over 30,000 home and hotel users.
Using the latest production technologies and keeping our finger on the pulse of the most innovative material developments, the focus of our product development is distinctive design, first-class comfort and ergonomics.


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Beds with timeless design, personalised ergonomics and comfort.

Continental beds

A bed traditionally composed of three or more comfort layers for maximum comfort and ergonomics. In the bottom frame layer of the bed, we use medium or firm pocket springs, which improve the ergonomics of the mattress. In the middle mattress layer of the bed, we use pocket springs that correspond to the shape of the body ensuring even distribution of body weight across the bed and a straight posture when sleeping – which is the key to high- quality sleep. The mattress topper gives the bed a touch of luxurious surface softness.


Bed at night, sofa during day time – our daybeds carry uncompromised quality of a bed and with a cushion set turn into a cozy sofa.

Mattresses & mattress toppers

Standalone mattresses and mattress toppers offer the same comfort and ergonomics that we apply in continental beds.


To add the final touch to the bedroom, we have a selection of uniquely designed footstools, storage benches, armchairs, nightstands/-tables and lamps to match the beds.

Project sales

To date, we have furnished thousands of hotel rooms with excellent beds and other soft furniture. Immediate positive feedback from hotel guests encourages us to continuously improve our products. Several hotel beds developed and produced by us are also available for retail customers – where else can you try a bed for real if not in a hotel!

Adjustable beds

Adjustable beds offer the same comfort and ergonomics as our continental beds. In addition, it is possible to raise and lower the head and foot area of the bed using two quiet and durable motors to find the most comfortable sleeping position or simply read a book in bed.

Frame beds

Our frame beds are built on a stable and durable frame of solid wood or glulam. We use 1–2 layers of pocket springs to ensure the best comfort and ergonomics. Frame beds are a great choice when you need to turn a double bed into two single beds or vice versa. As a space-saving solution, it is possible to add a spacious and easily accessible base box to the frame.


A headboard with outstanding design gives personality to the bed and the entire bedroom. Most of our headboards are designed to harmonise with our continental or adjustable beds.
We also offer a variety of beds that can be used with all the products in our selection as well as with an existing bed.